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Workshops & Studio Intensives

Book Vanessa for your next studio event, festival or weekend intensive!

Invite one of the leading belly dance instructors available today to your studio or festival for workshops that will challenge students and elevate their dance experience.  Vanessa's popular workshops frequently sell out and are packed with a wealth of knowledge, dance vocabulary and relevant choreography.  Click HERE for upcoming workshops!

Vanessa Raqs Vanessa of Cairo

Coaching & Consultation

When Experience and Expertise Matters 

Vanessa Raqs Vanessa of Cairo

Hiring Vanessa of Cairo for private dance coaching is an unparalleled investment in one's dance journey. Vanessa's exceptional skills as a dance coach are surpassed only by her unwavering support and helpful demeanor. Known for her ability to create a nurturing and encouraging learning environment, Vanessa goes beyond just teaching dance steps; she invests in her students' growth and development. Her commitment to understanding each student's unique learning style ensures personalized guidance, fostering a sense of confidence and accomplishment. With Vanessa's coaching, dancers not only refine their technique but also experience a transformative journey with a mentor who is genuinely invested in their success. Choosing Vanessa of Cairo for private dance coaching is not just a decision for skill enhancement but a step towards a supportive and enriching dance experience.

Competition Judging

Compassionate and constructive feedback combined with the expertise of one of the most accomplished dancers on the market today. Vanessa is proud to judge at top festivals around the world!

Vanessa of Cairo Raqs Masri 1
Vanessa Raqs Vanessa of Cairo

Classes and Series

Train with this beloved instructor online and in person!  Stay tuned for classes opening in Texas and online via zoom.  

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